Integrated solutions with alarm and video surveillance systems

With Aermatica3D’s integrations to support companies and government bodies, it is possible to use security drones perfectly integrated into alarm and video surveillance systems, capable of obtaining an immediate overview of the site, managing every aspect of the flight in a safe, complete, and efficient way.

Drones can be used as a deterrent to the entry of sensitive or dangerous sites, detect potential intruders, or assist with investigations, thus improving the efficiency of inspections and sending assistance to inquiries feedback in real-time, directly to the control center in total safety.

These solutions also make it possible to patrol large areas, provide complete coverage, carry out fully automatic flights at pre-established times, and carry out missions activated by external alarms and sensors.

ADVANCED SOLUTION Characterized by resistance and precision even in adverse weather conditions.

The advanced solution consists of DJI’s Matrice 300 RTK drones, with dedicated high-performance cameras in the visible field, 20x optical zoom, and thermal.

The solution also has advanced features like target tracking, image stabilization, or overlap between visible and thermal.

In addition to the integrations offered by specific and customized payloads for safety (sirens, speakers, and lights), it is also possible to have a Tethering Station that allows continuous powering of the drone directly in flight to carry out ongoing and lasting inspections.

droni per la sicurezza - soluzione avanzata
droni per la sicurezza - soluzione base

BASIC SOLUTION – characterized by agility and reliability.

The primary solution uses DJI’s Mavic Enterprise Advanced drones, equipped with integrated cameras (visible and thermal) and advanced features such as thermal tracking of targets, image stabilization, or overlapping between visual and thermal.

It is also possible to integrate specific payloads for safety, such as sirens, speakers, and lights.


Thanks to the BLY3D software, it is possible to integrate and customize every aspect of the flight, integrations, and the related automation according to specific requests or particular needs, thus obtaining a customized, complete, and automatic solution.


DRONE Matrice 300_rtk_h20@2x (1)
Drone Mavic 2 enterprise Advanc