Drones and integration development for agriculture, environment, search and rescue, global industry

Aermatica3D is drone manufacturer and distibutor of drones and integrated systems for drones. The solutions proposed by Aermatica3D find wide application at an industrial level and in the field of safety, search and rescue, and in the agricultural and environmental areas.

A drone is an aircraft characterized by the absence of the pilot on board and controlled by an onboard computer or, via a remote controller, by a pilot on the ground. A drone can acquire and transmit information from the surrounding environment; multiple sensors can be associated with the drones: Multispectral, Thermal, Visible, Hyperspectral, Lidar. This makes this solution more effective than traditional monitoring, thanks to higher quality spatial and temporal resolutions than those obtainable via satellite. But that is not all!

This technology can also perform different tasks, depending on the kits and the integrations associated with them. This makes this technology extremely versatile and capable of responding to a wide range of practical applications.

Explore the modern solutions proposed by Aermatica3D and its countless applications developed to simplify every human activity in companies and organizations, thus ensuring more efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Produttore droni per industria


Reliability and efficiency have always been fundamental for the industrial sector, the primary beneficiary of the technological innovations introduced by drones and their operational solutions that offer valuable integrations in industrial processes and optimize productivity, data management, and personnel safety.

Among the many companies that benefit most from the integrations proposed by Aermatica3D there are energy companies, professional firms, and engineering companies. The solutions provided by drones can return visual, radiometric, thermal, and environmental data on the conditions of the plants, allowing personnel to identify risks and address them quickly without interrupting operations, reducing both maintenance costs and detection equipment costs to Earth.


The use of modern technologies such as drones and the solutions proposed by Aermatica3D can offer a valid answer to the resolution of the challenges that agriculture must face today in terms of biological and eco-sustainable struggle.

The main applications of drones in agriculture are crop monitoring, soil and field analysis, and low-altitude aerial distribution.

The solutions proposed by Aermatica3D can distribute products such as liquids, granules, powders, and capsules from above and in an automatic and precise manner; the drone can import a map and quickly and effectively distribute the products exclusively in the areas that have the greatest need and in the appropriate quantity.

Produttore droni per agricoltura
Trattamenti ambientali con droni


Many companies and research institutes are engaged in environmental detection and monitoring, that means the set of measurements carried out by detecting specific biological, chemical and physical parameters that characterize the pollution phenomena or environmental components.

Companies are increasingly sensitive to issues related to environmental sustainability and are adopting modern, more efficient, and sustainable technological solutions to foster a natural synergy between nature and human activities.

Aermatica3D, thanks to the technological innovation developed in the field of drones, kits, sensors, and hardware and software integrations, can supply complete products to carry out both monitoring and environmental treatment actions.


Thanks to Aermatica3D, companies and government bodies can use security drones perfectly integrated into video surveillance systems, capable of obtaining a quick overview of the site, thus managing every aspect in a safe, complete and efficient way.

These solutions also make it possible to patrol large areas, providing complete coverage, capable of carrying out flights without any human intervention at pre-established times, and carrying out missions activated by external alarms and sensors.

The applications in the security field are innumerable; drones can be used as a deterrent to the entry of sensitive or dangerous sites, to detect potential intruders, or to provide assistance to investigations, thus improving the efficiency of inspections and sending feedback in time. Real directly to the control center in total safety.

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Timeliness and accuracy are fundamental requirements in case of emergencies. For example, natural disasters such as fires, avalanches, or earthquakes require an immediate circumscription of the area, identifying the areas that need rapid intervention without wasting means and resources sent to the site in the shortest possible time. In addition, in the case of people missing as a result of accidents or natural events, it is essential to identify them in a few minutes to be more likely to rescue them in good time.

Search, and rescue can therefore be significantly facilitated by the synergy between a staff who is always ready and prepared and the solutions and integrations offered by Aermatica3D and the BLY3D software capable of guaranteeing simplified and reliable high-performance missions.