Distribution of liquids by drones

Drones for the distribution of liquids on complex scenarios

The distribution of liquids with drones represents the ideal solution if the conformation of the scenario and the ground conditions make traditionally mechanized or manual treatments difficult or even impossible, if not at very high costs.

Liquid distribution in agriculture
distribuzione liquidi con drone

Aermatica3D offers sustainable solutions to carry out biological treatments on crops and increase the effectiveness of treatments by decreasing distribution costs and improving plant health and crop yield in a natural way.

The automatic and grazing flight to the crop allows dispensing the right amount of product with low drift. Furthermore, thanks to the automated flight planning with BLY3D, the Aermatica3D app, it is possible to import a digital terrain elevation model by planning a specific flight at altitude constant. Furthermore, to ensure the best and uniform surface coverage according to the prescriptions, the distribution is entirely configurable according to the appropriate quantities of the product to be distributed.

The result is a completely customizable and configurable solution according to the distribution needs and the specific application scenario that can also be adapted to the spreading needs of the various products.

Drone liquid distribution can be effective even in simple scenarios. The DJI AGRAS drone (in its basic version and the advanced S and P configurations) is, in fact, an optimized system for the aerial distribution of liquid products on standard scenarios.

It can guarantee MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY: with the load capacity of 10 kg of liquids, the MG-1 can distribute at high speed an area of 4,000-6,000 m² in just 10 minutes, dozens of times faster than manual distribution. The automatic distribution system has a variable rate, depending on the flight conditions. The quantity of liquid distributed is regulated precisely.

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Distribution of liquids on vertical walls
Distribuzione Liquidi in Verticale - droni per monitoraggio ambientale

Vertical Liquid Distribution – drones for environmental monitoring

The distribution of liquids with a drone can also be effective for various environmental, industrial applications, etc. For this purpose, it can be helpful to distribute liquids even in complex scenarios such as distribution on vertical walls. The drone equipped with the Aermatica3D T-Kit liquid distribution kit is, in fact, an optimized system for carrying out aerial treatments of liquids on complex scenarios able to guarantee maximum distribution efficiency even in places that are difficult to reach with standard equipment.

Aermatica3D’s app, BLY3D, can manage the flight and distribution of the different types of products. Furthermore, the quantity of liquid distributed is regulated in an exact and configurable manner according to the application scenario and the product type.