Sensors and integrated system for drones 

Aermatica3D integrations

The integrated systems for drones represent the real added value of Aermatica3D; the research and development department is not limited to creating customized drones, but based on the specific requirements of each customer can develop and integrate kits, cameras, and sensors, allowing to have a single integrated remote-sensing system for remote control of the device and the visualization and management of data in real-time on the ground, thus obtaining a safe, complete and reliable product.

To meet the particular operational needs, Aermatica3D has also developed the BLY3D app, a fully customizable software capable of performing automatic flight missions even in complex scenarios, allowing you to plan and manage any payload in a simple, easy and precise way and integrated by us.

Aermatica3D can offer custom solutions for any integration thanks to its know-how in the engineering field and the cooperation with official partners from international realities. As a result, Aermatica3D offers its customers the best technologies in the payload field, perfectly integrating chambers, kits, and sensors


Nano Hyperspec ® Hyperspectral Chamber Sensor Integration by Headwall Photonics Inc

Technical features

  • Simplified data acquisition process thanks to a perfect integration between Hyperspectral Camera and Drone;
  • Camera with 150 bands for hyperspectral detections;
  • Simplified acquisition of collected data;
  • Display of data collected in Real-Time directly on the Flight controller for camera calibration and setup

The integration developed by Aermatica3D allows you to manage the Nano Hypersec ® hyperspectral camera by Headwall Photonics directly from the flight controller, relying on a more simplified and reliable data acquisition thanks to complete integration between hyperspectral sensor and drone.

The on-board camera communicates via specific hardware directly with the BLY3D software to fully monitor and manage the sensor. This allows you to plan a single automatic flight plan on the software in which the camera acquisitions are activated within the planned area, with the ability to change the camera parameters directly from the drone console and monitor how the camera is evolving—data acquisition in real-time.


Ground Acquisition Kit with Hyperspectral Camera Sensor
(Nano Hyperspec ® ) by Headwall Photonics Inc.

Technical features

  • Simplify the data acquisition process with precise horizontal or vertical scans;
  • Visualization of the data collected in Real-Time directly on a Tablet for the calibration and setup of the camera;
  • Change the camera parameters directly from the console;
  • Acquisition of hyperspectral data without the clutter of cables and computers, but remotely with the wireless connection of the tablet

The solution consists of a single remote-sensing system consisting of a DJI Enterprise Matrice 300 RTK series drone, associated with an air quality multi-sensor system capable of recording data relating to humidity, pressure, temperature, and gas such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, and sulfuric acid, also recording the temperatures of the individual gases detected.

The Multilayer functionality of the BLY3D app allows you to plan three-dimensional flight missions to study the concentration of parameters as a function of altitude and view them in real-time individually or on graphs for a complete and rapid understanding of any data collected during the flight.

Integrazione Multisensore qualità dell’aria


Air quality multi-sensor integration for chemical-physical parameters detection

  • Simplify the data acquisition process thanks to a perfect integration between Multisensor and Drone
  • Specific and geo-referenced acquisition of the collected data;
  • Multilayer functionality to carry out three-dimensional automatic flight plans thanks to the BLY3D app;
  • Visualization of data collected in Real-Time directly on the Flight controller.
Integrazione Multisensore qualità dell’aria - dettaglio
Integrazione Multisensore qualità dell’aria - app bly3d
Integrazione Multisensore qualità dell’aria su drone (1)

The FTS 600 compatible with both DJI’s Matrice 600 drones and Aermatica3D’s BLY-C drones can be integrated with an emergency parachute for better drone safety, the sensors installed, and to be able to fly in complex scenarios protected from any Flyaway and according to ENAC and EASA regulations.

The system consists of the remote control, a transmitter, and the SLAVE receiving unit on board, complete with double CUT OFF to cut the drone’s power supply. The two on-board units communicate via a special connection cable.


Radiation sensor integration

Technical features

  • X, alpha, beta, and gamma radiation sensor;
  • Certain acquisition of the collected data;
  • Software integration with BLY3D app;
  • Detection of contamination and radioactivity levels with related spectral signatures.
integrazione drone - sensore radiazioni

Aermatica3D has integrated on-board UAV systems, the equipment for high-resolution X, alpha, beta, and gamma spectroscopy for the analysis of radioactive elements and ultra-trace elements in soils made available by the PIGNOLETTO project.

In this scenario, Aermatica3D participates in the PIGNOLETTO project, which aims to develop a HUB of scientific and technological skills capable of specializing the soil and vegetation monitoring network, from the system architecture to the single observation payload, based on the actual needs of the final user, public and private.