Artificial pollination by drone

Distribution of natural pollen previously collected

Artificial pollination by drone is useful for integrating, improving and surrogating the natural anemophilous pollination

Artificial pollination can be really important, for example, when adverse co L’impollinazione artificiale può essere fondamentale, ad esempio, in particular meteorological conditions, when frequent rainy events and / or strong winds during the pollination period prevent the natural development of the natural pollination.

It is characterized by rapid pollen distribution times, total coverage of the area to pollinate, low distribution costs

In addition, also saving the crop in some borderline cases, there may be additional economic benefits: under the right conditions, production enhancement can take on important economic values.


The BLY-A drone, in fact, equipped with a distribution kit, is able to release the correct amount of pollen on the crop with high precision guaranteed by the GPS, to integrate, improve and substitute the natural pollination. Operational activities were carried out on various crops; first of all on the Walnut trees thanks to a collaboration of Aermatica3D with dr. E. Cozzolino (Agronomist, expert in walnut) and with the Consorzio Agrario dell’Emilia.

Aermatica3D carried out pollen distribution activities through Drone both on the national territory on various crops including walnut, and also internationally.