Integrated solutions for industrial, infrastructural inspections, and industrial site monitoring

Safety, reliability, and efficiency are essential characteristics for the industrial sector, the primary beneficiary of the technological innovations introduced by drones and their operational solutions able to offer valuable integrations in the processes of industry 4.0.

The solutions provided by drones can return visual, radiometric, thermal, and environmental data helpful in carrying out an innumerable amount of operations in industrial plants, power plants, construction sites, and the built environment.

The software integration capabilities into business processes, support, technical assistance, maintenance, and the fulfillment of personal requirements make Aermatica3D the ideal partner for many industrial players.

Among the many companies that benefit most from the solutions proposed by Aermatica3D are energy companies, manufacturing industries, professional firms, and engineering companies interested in optimizing productivity, data management, and personnel safety.

Droni per manufacuring

The solutions developed by Aermatica3D can integrate into every aspect of industrial processes, thus opening up a wide range of possible uses in Industry 4.0:

· Logistics: inventory checks, scans of barcodes, QR codes, or radio frequency identification technology, resulting in reduced operating costs.

· Facility management, drones can be used to automatically perform various operations such as cleaning hard-to-reach windows, high-speed transport of urgent tools such as a defibrillator for first aid or industrial site surveillance.

· Production processes: management of material handling, transport of products, or detection of faults or defective components present on the production line, with immediate reporting to the control system or plant manager, thus preventing downtime and improving the safety of plants and personnel.

Droni per applicazioni industriali
Droni per applicazioni industriali - manufacuring
Manufacturing - droni industrialy

Professional firms and companies turn to Aermatica3D to integrate detection systems useful for the planning, managing, and designing building works and viaducts (bridges, roads, buildings, etc.). In particular, drones are used to carry out:

· High-resolution inspections of construction sites works and buildings (roofs, fireplaces, coatings, etc.) and perform thermal inspections, allowing to identify problematic points in advance more safely and economically.

· Surveys for the dimensioning of the works and the measurement of areas or volumes of materials excavated or removed from a site. With the data collected through sensors (optical and LiDAR), it is possible to create 2D models compatible with countless GIS software and 3D models to create BIM models.

Monitoring and surveillance of construction sites, mines, etc., evaluating potential risks, and making informed decisions to guarantee the safety of the buildings and the operators employed in each activit

Droni per construcion
Construction Droni per applicazioni industriali

Energy companies that produce green energy from solar parks, wind or hydroelectric plants, and energy infrastructure companies dedicated to the storage and transport of methane using the solutions proposed by Aermatica3D to:

• Inspect critical infrastructure such as refineries, power grids, mines, dams, oil and gas wells, etc., in areas difficult to reach or dangerous for personnel.

• Collect data from sensors integrated on drones to carry out risk analyses or prepare the maintenance of specific components.

• Detect chemicals emanating from industrial processes, optimize yield and reduce emissions. Analyze air quality by identifying leaks or high concentrations of certain substances by identifying the source and extent of the contaminated area, useful in the chemical, oil, mining industries, etc.

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