Tethered drone
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Elistair designs and manufactures ground power systems for commercial drones. Innovation is a fundamental requirement for Elistair always to provide customers with only the most technologically advanced products. Protected by multiple patents, Elistair products are at the forefront of drone cabling technology to provide customers with the best possible solutions for applications such as persistent aerial surveillance, continuous data transmission, fire fighting, monitoring. Traffic and much more.


Technical features

  • Power up to 2.8 kW
  • Interchangeable micro-tether up to 130 m
  • Dual fiber-optic and BPL communication option
  • IP54 certification
  • Micro-cable weight Up to 25 g / m

With its modular metal structure, compact dimensions, and fixing rails, Safe-T 2 has been designed for perfectly integrating vehicles and set systems while being agile enough to allow a single operator.

Safe-T 2 allows you to achieve the best performance to date through the Dual-Comms option. By integrating fiber optic and BPL data links in parallel, the cable ensures unmatched speed and security in data transfer.

In addition, by ensuring very low latency and high-speed data exchange, the optical fiber makes the Safe-T 2 the most suitable wired drone station to meet any type of application requirements.


Technical features

  • Power up to 1.2 kW
  • Micro-tether up to 70m
  • Dual fiber-optic and BPL communication option
  • Data transfer up to 200MB / s
  • Micro cable weight Up to 10.5 g / m

Ligh-T V.4 is a drone wiring station that extends the possibilities offered by the use of drones for police forces, first responders, and drone operators who require a persistent aerial position; Light-T is compatible with DJI Matrice 200 series, Inspire, and DJI S900, Yuneec H920 and Acecore Zoe drones.

Designed to withstand difficult transport conditions and deployable on any type of terrain, Ligh-T V.4, with its Dual Mode Tether management, allows both a motorized power supply for safe winding and unwinding of the cable and the possibility of manually operate the system to be up and running in seconds.