Increases productivity in surveys and image processing

Using drones for professional scope requires apps and software to use the drone properly with the cameras, sensors, and kits integrated.  The solutions proposed by Aermatica3D simplify the employment of UAV systems in every application, improve the user experience and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.


  • The Apps available on Android Tablet, DJI Crystal Sky, or DJI Smart Controller allow you to control your solution based on UAV systems, planning and managing your flight missions and the integrated


  • The Software available for PC allows you to plan flight missions, process and view the data collected, and, thanks to specific integrations, will enable you to amplify operations in many applications such as Search and Rescue for applications designed for Safety and much more.

BLY3D APP & Software

The BLY3D app can control the drone and its payload as a single integrated system. Furthermore, the functions of the software integrations allow you to control the payload directly in flight, thus managing all operations efficiently and displaying the payload status and related telemetry in real-time.

The “control center” software allows you to receive telemetry and video streams of the organization’s fleet of drones from remote sites, with the possibility of intervening on the drone’s flight and the command of the payload.

Logo DJI Terra


DJI Terra software is an all-in-one solution for mapping, modeling, processing, and data analysis, designed to support professionals from all sectors by digitizing data from each application scenario to carry out analysis and flight missions, guaranteeing extreme practicality, efficiency, and precision fundamental elements for the success of every activity.

DJI Terra represents the complete solution, capable of facilitating public Safety, construction, infrastructure, agriculture, and more generally for all those topographical uses. This highly intuitive software represents an outstanding innovation.


Loc8 is software that allows you to process thousands of images in a few seconds. Manufactured by USR – “Unmanned Systems Research”, Loc8 is mainly used in search and rescue to quickly scan images from drones to locate people or objects using advanced image scanning technology that isolates specific clusters of pixels. Among the main features of the Loc8 software are: Advanced detection with color bands, fast image processing, and detailed report generation.