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Aermatica3D is the official distributor and system integrator of HEXAERO products, a leading company in the open-source production of Flight Controllers for UAVs. Hexaero, which has chosen to be based on Open Source technology and receives contributions from a large Community, continues to bring quality hardware products to the market characterized by extreme reliability and incredible versatility


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Cubepilot is an ecosystem developed by Hexaero, consisting of hardware and software components that can be integrated into Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, a constantly evolving industry.

Cubepilot HEX


CUBE HEX orange

The Cube series is aimed at professionals and lovers of drones, developers, and hardware suppliers for professional and performing flight controllers. The new generation of H7 processors is more powerful with higher performance and faster and safer triple redundancy sensor; it monitors the temperature and absorbs the possible shocks of the IMU. With the help of the flight software, the Cube series allows you to easily pilot any fixed-wing drone, helicopter, or multi-rotor aircraft providing a more performing and professional flight platform.

The modular cube design allows all the inputs/outputs in a single DF17 connector, so the user can easily use different support cards for specific applications or designs and build their own support.

  • The Cube Orange is the standard format of the Cube series ideal for building a CubePilot ecosystem.
  • The Cube Purple is a mini Cube with a thickness reduced to 1cm for the extreme flexibility of lighter drones.
  • The Cube Blue is the product of the Cube series made for the US market.

The Cube series is equipped with a triple redundancy IMU system:

  • 3 Accelerometers
  • 3 Gyroscopes
  • 3 Magnetometry
  • 2 Barometers
processore HEX


standard Carrier Board hex


The Standard Carrier Board can be used for various applications, reduce wiring, and improve reliability and ease of assembly. In addition, carrier boards provide connections to the Cube for autopilot functions. Therefore, this card can be integrated into any type of aircraft supported by the Cube series, including all other types of multirotor and antenna tracker configurations.


The Mini Carrier Board, designed as a small cargo platform, can be used in small and relatively small RPAS.

Mini Carrier Board HEX
Kore Carrier Board HEX


The Kore Carrier Board, SpektreWorks multi-rotor carrier board, aims to reduce the tangle of cables connected to the Cube series products mounted on carrier boards and typically associated modules. In addition, it provides integrated power distribution, redundant power supplies for the autopilot, integrated failover power selection, a separate payload power regulator, and many other features. Although this support board is geometrically optimized for quadcopters, X8 configurations, and octocopters, it provides connections for every Pixhawk function for autopilot. Therefore, this card can be integrated into any type of aircraft supported by the Cube series, including all other types of multirotor chassis, airplane, rover, sub, and tracker antenna.




  • Super convenient high-precision positioning
  • RTK supported GNSS chip (base station required for RTK mode). It Positioning accuracy up to one centimeter in ideal conditions.
  • Improved visibility on LEDs. A complete redesign for improved dust and water resistance.
  • Powerful and reliable software
  • Equipped with high-performance STM32F302 processor with the real-time operating system. Internally developed framework for improved reliability and extensibility. Future firmware updates supported.
  • Thanks to the CAN protocol, a high data transmission speed, firmware upgradability, noise immunity, and real-time functions are achieved.


Here + Base RTK – Here + USB Base RTK Connector

  • Centimeter-level GNSS positioning
  • Integrated real-time kinematics (RTK)
  • The smallest, lightest, and most energy-efficient RTK module
  • A complete and versatile solution


The product includes:

  • HX4-06111 HERE3
  • HX4-06019 Here+ Base RTK (M8P)


HerePro uses multi-frequency DGNSS signals with advanced algorithms, achieving convergence and RTK correction in seconds. As a result, achieve centimeter-level positioning that is more reliable and stable than ever.

Each HerePro can function as a base or rover with a simple change of parameter settings. HerePro base supports both fixed and mobile base mode, selectable for different scenarios to improve performance.

The input and double wide range 6-40V is compatible with different voltage levels and provides greater freedom in the system’s design while ensuring efficiency and power stability—protected input up to 65V.



HereFlow is a miniature optical flow sensor. HereFlow’s small size allows for easy installation in any position without taking up much space. Here Flow can be configured in any CAN bus node.

HereFlow has integrated a TOF LiDAR component, an optical flow camera, and an IMU 6D (ICM20602). LiDAR can provide better performance in precision landing detection, but it is not suitable for height sensing in outdoor conditions greater than 0.5m or indoor conditions greater than 3m.

Hardware Specs:

  • Integrated ultra-small lidar module
  • CAN protocol, which provides more reliable communication
  • Integrated IMU module
  • PMW3901 optical flow sensor. Effective ranges from 80mm to infinity.


The IR-LOCK sensor contains the IR-LOCK filter and pre-installed 3.6mm lens. IR-LOCK SENSOR allows improving the flight of drones in the landing phases thanks to the target recognition functions for precision landings. It is an excellent product useful for carrying out the average landings of SAPR technologies and for landings in total safety even in more congested spaces; it also allows you to carry out the operation for safe and precise landings manually.

Compatible software/hardware: ArduCopter, The Cube, Pixhawk, Arduino




Herelink consists of an HD video transmission system that uses PineSync technology based on the S1 processor; It is an easy-to-use device for sending HDMI video and audio signals.

It features smooth signal transmission over long distances up to 20KM with minimum 110ms latency, two HDMI inputs, and supports 720p 30fps and 1080p 30fps / 60fps video format.

Here link makes the complex system of devices integrated and miniaturized through a data link unit, a remote-control link unit, and a video display unit all in one device.

The high-performance eight-core S1 processor, integrated into the air unit and controller, provides more powerful and faster data processing capabilities. Powerful integrated GPU for video image analysis, 4-core Mali-T860. Here link supports installing an OEM image, which allows you to customize the settings, including startup animation changes, system configuration changes, Android application changes, and Android property changes.