Biological Fight against Corn Borer

Environmentally friendly control of the corn borer

Drones are the ideal tools for the biological control of corn borers. They ensure the best and fastest distribution of the Trichogramma egg capsules, which, once hatched, give life to beneficial insects able to parasitize and neutralize the eggs of the harmful borer.

BLY -A lotta biologica piralide mais

The BLY-A drone, equipped with an automated distribution kit, releases with high precision guaranteed by GPS, TRICHOGRAMMA capsules for the biological control of the corn borer.

BLY3D’s planning software, designed by Aermatica3D, plans automatic flights based on the shape of the field and the correct amount of Trichogramma to be distributed. In-flight, the kit installed on the drone releases the capsules, according to the planning made based on the position detected by the GPS. A sensor system validates each release, and run time is monitored by the ground station, where it is possible to start and stop the distribution or check if the tank is empty.

A comprehensive report is generated at the end of the flight indicating each release’s position.

The Capsule Distribution Kit is an industrialized kit, previously used on thousands of hectares directly by Aermatica3D pilots and contractors, who have adopted it to replace the chemical fight against the corn borer with biological solutions.

It is possible to cover up to 5 Ha with a single flight in less than 15 minutes. The rapid refilling of the capsules is guaranteed by the possibility of quickly removing the empty tank and loading the full one to restart with a stop of a few seconds between one flight and another. At a speed of 50 km / h, by releasing up to 2 capsules per second, it is possible to cover large areas while maintaining the distribution precision that determines the effectiveness of the biological treatment.

lotta biologica piralide mais