Multispectral Camera and DLS2 sensor integration on DJI M300

Alberto Baietti R&D Integrazioni
Apr 20 2023

Multispectral Camera and DLS2 sensor integration on DJI M300

The integrated systems for drones represent the real added value of Aermatica3D, the research and development department does not limit itself to creating customized drones, but based on the specific requirements of each customer it is able to develop and integrate kits, cameras and sensors, allowing to have a single integrated remote-sensing system for remote control of the instrument, real-time data display and management on the ground, thus obtaining a safe, complete and reliable product.

Today we worked on the integration of a five-band Micasense Rededge MX multispectral camera on the DJI Matrice 300 drone. The Micasense Rededge MX camera is equipped with a multispectral sensor, suitable for agricultural use to monitor crop growth, areas of land that require more water, fertilizers, or other types of treatments. This camera can produce infrared calibrated images to collect vital data about crop growth.

Our integration consists in two parts:

1. Multispectral camera integration

2. DLS2 sensor integration

We used the SkyPort port to mount the camera, while for the DLS2 sensor, we used a quick connector that allows for fast mounting in seconds. The integration is powered via the upper USB port through a key that powers the camera and the light sensor. The stand-alone system works through the proprietary Micasense app. The integration can be used on Matrice 300 or any other DJI Matrices. A reflectance plate is also supplied with the camera which allows the camera to set the optimal parameters according to the light of the day in which the survey is performed.

Thanks to its know-how in the field of engineering and to the cooperation with official partners from international realities, Aermatica3D can offer the best custom solutions for any drone integration. 

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