Aermatica3D at EIMA 2018 shows the D-KIT solution

D-KIT Aermatica3D - EIMA 2018
Oct 14 2018

Aermatica3D at EIMA 2018 shows the D-KIT solution

Aermatica3D will exhibit at EIMA 2018 with D-KIT, awarded by the premium of Technical Innovation.

From 7th to 11th of November will be at EIMA 2018, the most important international Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition in Italy and one of the most important in Europe.

You can find us at Hall 33 Ter, Booth B/2 – in the area organized by Dronitaly– with the innovative solution D-KIT, winner of the prize Technical Innovations, within the Competition organized since 1986 by FederUnaComa, whose goal is to identify, reward and enhance innovative products at the service of agricultural activities, in terms of improvement of production processes, safety and environmental sustainability.


D-KIT: innovation at the service of agriculture
The D-KIT Aermatica3D is a modular AUTOMATIC and VARIABLE RATE distributor for Drones for the distribution of LIQUIDS, POWDER, GRANULATES and CAPSULES products.
It is a very innovative tool because, with the same hardware and software, can be installed on drones with different payload capacities, and with the same user interface, it is possible to perform the targeted distribution, based on the GPS, and at a variable calibrated rate for liquid, powdered, granulated or capsule products.


Economic and time saving
The D-KIT allows cheap, fast, safe and non-invasive distribution, an alternative to manual or mechanized treatment, where this is not feasible or economical. The operator is not subjected to the difficult work of distribution in complex scenarios (steep slopes, not very accessible ..), the products are distributed in the right quantities and only where there is a need.

The distributions are variable and very fast:

  • 2 hectares of pollination in ten minutes;
  • 1 hectare of distribution of biological granulate for biological control against mosquitoes larvae in 10 minutes;
  • 1 hectare of treatment on a steeply sloping terraced vineyard in 1 hour;
  • 5 hectares against the corn borer in 15 minutes and more than 100 hectares in one day.

The flights are totally automatic, based on plans generated on GPS coordinates and can follow the altitude of the terrain, thanks to precision elevation profiles obtained from drone; they are therefore repeatable and guarantee the result of the distribution


Targeted activities for organic farming for everyone
The system consists of the kit installed on the drone enables targeted activity (biological control, pollination, air treatments …), using a non-polluting proximity air tool, because it is electric and precise.
Thanks to the level of industrialization achieved, the D-KIT is, moreover, easily usable directly by farmers and service providers for carrying out field activities, without the need for the continuous intervention of technicians, after a simple and short training.


D-KIT – Technical features
The D-KIT consists of a tank of different sizes, the actuators (the pump or the distribution system of the granulated or powdered product, the capsule distribution mechanism), an output system (one or more liquid nozzles, a hole for granules or powder, 4 redundant channels for the capsules). The kit, installed on board, is characterized by an electronic control and a software that communicates with the drone, from which it acquires in real time the flight parameters. Flight and automatic distribution are planned simply via an APP on a tablet, which communicates with the kit during the flight. The D-KIT is modular and can be applied to different drones, depending on the application:

  • on a small and agile quadrupole drone (1 Kg of Payload, 1 L tank for powders or 3 L for capsules), for powder distribution applications, such as artificial pollination or capsules for the biological control of corn borer ;
  • on large hexarotor drones (10 kg Payload, with 10 L tank), for liquid distribution applications in complex scenarios, where the alternative is manual treatment (on terraced vineyards and steep slopes), or granular larvicide distributions for biological control against mosquitoes, used above all in scenarios unreachable by an operator such as ditches or water accumulations.


Find out more at Hall 33 Ter, Booth B / 2.

Contact us for information and any discounts to access EIMA 2018.




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