Powder distribution for precision farming

Drones for powder distribution in precision farming

BLY-C and BLY-A drones can distribute powder products for precision farming. Both drones, equipped by a Kit realized by Aermatica3D, up to 1 liter on BLY-A and up to 10 liters on BLY-C, distribute ad high precision by GPS the right amount of powder product on the field.

Distribuzione Polveri con drone

Flying automatically and at a very low altitude, it ensures that the right amount of powder product is delivered, avoiding excesses or uncovered areas. In fact, thanks to the automatic flight planning with the Aermatica3D APP BLY3D, it is possible to plan and check that the drone is flying at a constant altitude, even on terrain with steep slopes, appropriately configuring the quantity of product to be distributed.

This ensures precise powder distribution and uniform surface coverage, based on the needs of the specific application. The powder distribution kit can be mounted on different drones; on BLY-A can distribute up to 1 liter per flight, while mounted on the BLY-C it can distribute up to 10 liters per flight.

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