Drone for granulate products distribution

Drones for the distribution of products in granules

BLY-C is a drone for granulate products distribution, in a efficient way, on all types of scenarios. Equipped by a 10 liters tank and granulates distribution kit, it can distribute granular products in variable rates.

distribuzione granulati con drone

The right amount of low-drift product is delivered by an automatic and low altitude flight.


In fact, thanks to the automatic flight planning by the Aermatica3D APP BLY3D of, it is possible to import a digital model of terrain elevation and plan a precise flight at a constant altitude, appropriately configuring the quantities of product to be distributed, to ensure the best and uniform surface coverage according to the task requirements.

The Granulate distribution kit is compatible with the liquid distribution kit, therefore with the same drone it is possible to distribute both liquids and granules, simply by choosing which of the two kits to assemble.

The DRONE BLY-C, like all Aermatica3D solutions, can be customized according to the specific distribution needs of each single scenario, from the simplest to the most complex. Moreover, it is possible to decide the dimensions, the number and the position of the distribution nozzles necessary for the particular needs of spreading the various products.

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drone per la distribuzione granulati