DJI Agras T30, drone over 76 kg for agricultural applications: Aermatica3D obtains Specific authorization from ENAC

DJI Agras T30 Autorizzazione ENAC
Jun 28 2023

DJI Agras T30, drone over 76 kg for agricultural applications: Aermatica3D obtains Specific authorization from ENAC

Aermatica3D, the only DJI Agriculture distributor, assistance and training center in Italy, has obtained ENAC authorization category Specific to fly with the DJI Agras T30, a drone weighing over 76kg for applications in Agriculture. Aermatica3D makes the Authorization package available to contractors and farm operators for carrying out distribution activities in compliance with the regulations.

The Agras T30 is DJI’s top-of-the-line agricultural drone in Europe. With a 30 liter spray tank and distribution system payload capacity of up to 40 kg, 16 nozzles and a spray radius of 9 metres, the T30 raises the bar for aerial spray efficiency by covering up to to 16 hectares in one hour. The frame is foldable, made of carbon fiber composite materials, with a foldable design for easy transport. 

The DJI Agras T30  is able to distribute both liquid and granulated products. Thanks to DJI’s Agras T30 drone, a new solution has been developed that allows for more targeted and precise spraying, reducing the overall use of the product, with a positive impact on the environment. The use of the drone in agriculture also eliminates the risk factor for agricultural operators in interventions in dangerous scenarios, due for example to the conformation of a steep terrain or to the difficulty and danger of entering the fields with traditional means due to flooding.

The authorization obtained from Aermatica3D is generic and allows you to use the DJI Agras T30, a drone that weighs more than 25 kg which therefore falls into the Specific category, independently from the geographical constraints of the airfield. “This is a big step forward for us at Aermatica3D, as we can now make documentation, support and training available to our customers, giving operators in the agricultural sector the opportunity to obtain ENAC authorization and therefore be able to operate with the DJI Agras T30” says Aermatica3D’s General Manager Paolo Marras.

In the DJI Agriculture fleet available for immediate delivery in Italy from Aermatica3D, the DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral for multispectral maps and the DJI Agras T10, up to 10 liters of tank preferable for the distribution of liquids and granules in complex scenarios, we can now add the authorized use of the DJI Agras T30.

DJI Agras T30

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