Aermatica3D becomes Italian DJI Academy headquarter for Agricultural Drones

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Feb 10 2023

Aermatica3D becomes Italian DJI Academy headquarter for Agricultural Drones

Aermatica3D has just been accredited as DJI Academy, becoming the Italian headquarter offering specific training on DJI Agriculture products to become a certified DJI Pilot. The classrooms are located in the green Prealps of Como, easily reachable by own or public transport. We provide a 360-degree onsite theoretical training on the flight planning, practical flight, and product spraying drones. Just behind our offices we have a large field for practical exercises. With more than 5 hectares of surface, the base includes several scenarios: structures, differences in height, trees, crops. These, combined with our instructors’ long experience, guarantee specific and complete training for any type of agricultural application.  Como City and its lake is the backdrop to the activities, welcoming the participants with numerous services and attractions, marveling them with its beauty. DJI Agriculture Dealer and Maintenance Center since 2017, Aermatica3D provides technical and educational support to professionals, farmers, companies, and entities who want to implement drones in their businesses.

The DJI Academy UTC was born in Italy in 2021 and provides specific theoretical and practical training for DJI drones. In a period in which the European drone regulation provides only for theoretical exams, the DJI Academy supports the drone pilot in the practical and specific preparation for all DJI drones..

Upon passing the final exam, the candidate will obtain the DJI certification valid worldwide. It is one of the most appreciated and recognized drone patents globally. The EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) courses are currently exclusively theoretical and do not provide any practical training.

Through our DJI drone courses you can instead become a professional in the agricultural sector and fly in complete safety. DJI certified drone pilots are 70% less likely to have an accident in flight thanks to the high level of training program. Diversify your CV as a drone pilot and offer your services to high-level customers by obtaining the certification of the DJI Academy of Como in the Aermatica3D headquarters.

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