AERMATICA3D delivery DJI Matrice M210 RTK to the Valle D’Aosta Fire Brigade Corp

Dec 17 2017

AERMATICA3D delivery DJI Matrice M210 RTK to the Valle D’Aosta Fire Brigade Corp

AERMATICA3D delivery DJI Matrice 210 RTK to the Fire Brigade Corp of Valle D’Aosta

Regione Autonoma Valle D’Aosta Fire Brigades Drone Department, highly specialized on Search & Rescue, has chosen the DJI Matrice 210 RTK drone.

DJI Matrice 210 RTK is the flagship drone of DJI ENTERPRISE and represents the stat-of-the-art of drones for industrial applications.

Among the principal characteristics that make the DJI Matrice 210 RTK the ideal system for complex applications in difficult scenarios, they can be mentioned:

  • Very stable flight even in high wind conditions
  • Double Battery with automatic heating management to fly below zero degrees temperatures
  • IP43, to fly in any weather conditions
  • Up to 7 Km of operative range
  • More than 30 minutes of endurance with 2 Kg of maximum payload
  • RTK positioning for maximum precision flight and to manage high electromagnetic interferences scenarios

Moreover, DJI Matrice 210 can carry at the same time two very high performances cameras as Z30, 30X Optical Zoom and smart pointing functions, and Zenmuse XT, radiometric FLIR thermal camera integrated on a stabilized three axis gimbal.

The system equipped with those two sensors represents the ideal and affordable tool to carry out critical activities such as those of the Fire Brigade’s drone department.

Aermatica3D, DRONE SOLUTION PROVIDER, system integrator and  DJI ENTERPRISE dealer for industrial market has been chosen by Valle D’Aosta Fire Brigades Corp for the supply of the DJI MATRICE 210 RTK drone.

Moreover Valle D’Aosta Fire Brigades Corp is experimenting the Aermatica3D software to manage mission definition procedures, flight planning, automatic flight execution and integrated reporting procedures.

Aermatica3D has in fact developed a proprietary application, based on DJI SDK, that allows the management of all the DJI drone functionalities and the accurate planning of the flights considering high-resolution altimetric profile in the very complex mountains flight scenarios.

Aermatica3D Consegna DJI M210 RTK al Corpo Valdostano dei Vigili del Fuoco

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