Custom Care

The values of Aermatica3D that are based on technological innovation and the needs of its customers have led Aermatica3D to create a complete, personalized, and practical assistance. With the custom care of Aermatica3D, you will have all the technological innovation you need enjoying technical support and specialized service capable of: accompanying each customer in his learning process through dedicated training, guiding him in the ENAC authorization phases, assisting him in case of failures and maintenance, and support him in the early application phases.

  • Training on the specific Drone
  • Training and application support
  • Installation guide and routine maintenance support
  • BLY3D software operation and specific integrations required
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Ancillary services
  • Quick repairs
  • Immediate support to operations in case of need
  • Video call support for remote assistance

To allow you to use Aermatica3D products quickly, you can take advantage of our dedicated training with experienced pilots to answer all your questions. Furthermore, we carry out flight demonstrations during our training and show you all the necessary steps to assemble any payload and integration developed by Aermatica3D. In addition, we show you how our BLY3D software works to plan and manage your flight missions in total autonomy.


It may happen that by performing many flight missions over time, your drone may need extraordinary maintenance or that some accidental fall may require assistance. In these cases, Aermatica3D can help you by guaranteeing you quick and reliable care, allowing you to fly safely.


To better familiarize with the software and integrations required, the Aermatica3D team can guide its customers in the first practical applications, thus allowing them to become familiar and get the most out of our solutions. In addition, in case of need, Aermatica3D can intervene to support operations to ensure rapid operation.