Drones for capsules distribution

Drones to distribute capsules in biological agriculture

BLY-A are drones for capsules distribution in biological farming. They are equipped by an automatic distribution kit and drop, at high precision by GPS, capsules that can be used for European Corn Borer biological control. Aermatica3D BLY3D software easily plans automatic flights according to the flight shape and considering the right amount of capsules to be released.

droni per la distribuzione capsule

In flight, the kit installed on the DRONE releases the capsules according to the planning made based on the position detected by the GPS.


Each release is validated by a sensor system and in real time is monitored by the ground station where it is possible to remotely start and stop the distribution and check when the tank is empty.

At the end of the flight an overall report of the trips made is generated.

With a single flight you can cover up to 5 Ha in less than 15 minutes. The rapid recharge of the capsules is guaranteed by the ability to quickly remove the empty tank and to screw the full one to start again with a stop of a few seconds between flights.

At the speed of up to 50 km / h, releasing up to 2 capsules per second, it is possible to cover large areas but maintaining the precision of distribution that determines the effectiveness of biological treatment.

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