Drone Surveys – Multispettral, thermal and mapping

Drone Surveys: a new frontier for precision farming

The multispectral, thermal and visible mapping drone surveys represent innovative monitoring and analysis systems in agriculture and are based on the possibility of obtaining multispectral images through optical sensors transported by drones.

rilievi multispettrali con drone

The BLY drone, equipped with high resolution cameras, thermal infrared sensors and multi-spectral cameras, acquires the data, which, processed quickly, generate maps of vegetative vigor essential to locate areas of water stress, areas with poor fertilization, useful for differentiated treatments.

Where the data acquired by the satellite do not guarantee the right resolution and the right frequency of acquisition, the DRONE represents the best tool for Precision Agriculture.

Aermatica3D has collaborated with the CNR at the Space4Agri  Project for the Development of Innovative Aerospace Methodologies of Earth Observation to Support the Agricultural Sector in Lombardy).

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