Distribution of liquids by drones

Drones to distribute liquid products on complex scenarios

The distribution of liquids by drones is the ideal solution in case the conformation of the scenario and the conditions of the terrain make the traditional mechanized or manual treatments difficult or even impossible, if not at very high costs.

distribuzione liquidi con drone

Distribution of liquids by drones on complex scenarios

BLY-C is a drone for the efficient and non-invasive distribution of liquid and granulated products. Equipped with a 10 liter tank and 2 nozzles for spraying, specifically designed for distribution in complex scenarios (for example with steep slopes or obstacles).

The right amount of low-drift product is delivered by an automatic and low altitude flight. In fact, thanks to the automatic flight planning by the APP BLY3D of Aermatica3D, it is possible to import a digital model of terrain elevation and plan a precise flight at a constant altitude, appropriately configuring the quantities of product to be distributed, to ensure the best and uniform surface coverage according to the task requirements.

The DRONE BLY-C can be customized according to the distribution needs of the specific scenario and can be adapted to the needs of the various products spreading; for example it is possible to configure the number, the position and the type of the distribution nozzles.

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Distribution of liquids on standard scenarios

The distribution of liquids with drones can also be effective on simple scenarios. The DJI MG-1 AGRAS drone (in its basic version and in the advanced S and P configurations) is, in fact, a system optimized for the aerial distribution of liquid products on standard scenarios.

MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY: with the loading capacity of 10 kg of liquids, the MG-1 can distribute an area of 4,000-6,000 m² in a high speed in just 10 minutes, tens of times faster than a manual distribution. The automatic distribution system is variable, depending on the flight conditions. The amount of liquid distributed is regulated very precisely.

Thanks to altitude sensors, the DRONE MG-1 AGRAS can follow the terrain on simple scenarios while maintaining the flight altitude and the set speed.

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