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Drones for Agriculture

Integrated drones solutions in biological precision farming

The Aermatica3D drones for agriculture are precision aerial surveying instruments for precision agriculture, equipped with visible, multispectral and thermal sensors that provide quickly and easily crop status maps.

The Aermatica3D drones for agriculture are also tools for targeted low-cost, ecological and economical air distribution of products. It is possible to distribute from the low altitude above ground in an automatic and precise way, liquid products, granules, powders and capsules; the drone can import a map and quickly and effectively distribute the products exclusively in the areas that need them and in the appropriate quantity.

Through automatic flights, programmed simply through the APP BLY3D of AERMATICA3D, you can make quick surveys and distribution of products optimized in a repeatable and economic way, without polluting for a BIOSOSTENIBLE AGRICULTURE IN RESPECT OF THE ENVIRONMENT.